CLYW Peak 2 VS OD MarkMont Classic

The title says it all. I wanna know your favorite and why. Thanks!

I have both and would personally pick the MarkMont Classic. It’s larger and more comfortable to me. That’s probably the only reason I would pick it though. The Peak 2 is so floaty, and at the same time solid. It reminds me of a modern YYF 401k that’s not as heavy. They’re both great if you like floaty, comfortable, organic yoyos. For me personally it just comes down to size. Hope this helps

Don’t have a Peak 2, yet, just waiting for a color I like. I have an original Peak and a couple MC.

Comparing the two I have, I’d guess that it’d be a similar comparison between the Peak 2 and the MC. Outside of both of them being an organic shape, they’re different. What I love about the MC is the side effects. You can change that yoyo from a floaty laid back yoyo, to a solid and fast yoyo depending on the setup. The MC is one of my all time favorite yoyos. The Peak, is great, and I’m sure the Peak 2 is awesome as well.

Between my Peak and MC, I grab the MC more it’s a little bigger in size which I like.

If you like Organic yoyos I’d suggest picking them both up :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Sure, happy to help. You can’t go wrong with either.

I have both and like both of them a lot, and im not a fan of organic throws generally. I reach for the peak a little more, not sure why at all. IT may be that i have a super rare MMC colorway so i dont want to throw it much. They are both awesome throws. IF you wanna buy a peak 2, PM me, i have a black bip bop FG one…

Nice thank you man!

I definitely want both. But, $$. So eventually I will have both. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have no experience with the Peak, but I picked up a MMC a couple weeks ago. Fantastic throw. I put some lighter side-effects on it and it plays more laid back and floaty. Very comfortable hand-feel and one of the best grind finishes I’ve seen. Highly recommended.