Clyw orca question

Does anyone know why the new orca colors don’t have the orca symbol engraved on the side anymore?

…You’re sitting in a restaurant. You are eating a bowl of soup. You notice everybody around you is eating the same kinda soup.

The soup is very salty. After several spoons of soup, you ask the people at the next table, 'Do you have any idea why this soup is Soooo Salty?

One of them says, ‘I have no idea but I will go back to the kitchen and ask the Chef that made this stuff’.:nerd_face:

Chris is the Chef that makes up all the Yoyos on the CLYW menu.

Your best answer will come from the source of the product; the Chef.

Not from the people sitting at the next table.:thinking:


They haven’t always had it. I know the original release solids did, but the first splashes/etc…available on the CLYW store in May 2015 also didn’t. They’ve been like this with their engravings forever. Some runs do and some don’t.

I do kinda like it with the orca symbol engraved :grin:

For every person that likes the engravings, there’s another person that will just like complaining about them.

Yep. I would have hated an Orca engraving on my orca, but I would be a sad panda if the Mantatee Im about to get (when they drop) did not have the manatee enraging.

Usually im 95% in favor of non-engraved, but the art for both the igloo and the manatee changed my mind. <3

Gotta love the simplicity of the engraving on the Igloo :heart: