CLYW Manatee Pics Leaked?


So i remember a month back I heard on that some yeti prototype pics got leaked so I asked if anyone could show me where they found them. You guys were very kind to hook me up but theres a new yoyo in town! The Manatee! And someone claimed it was once again leaked. CAn anyone hook me up 8)

(Steve Brown) #2

You shouldn’t believe everything that anonymous people send in to our page. :wink:


Don’t listen to Steve…he only works there. I’ve provided a link to the leaked pic of the new manatee in the golden galaxy colorway


I played that one.  It’s super solid.  No vibe at all.  You can’t even tell it’s spinning.


I guess i learned my lesson :frowning:


Very funny, you comedian!  :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it’s a bit late, but there is one right there.


Wow! Thanks for sharing.

Looks great!! I wonder when the release date is.

(InvaderDust) #9

Love the ingraving (for a change)


I reported the topic directly to Riccardo… if you have something and can publish it…



(InvaderDust) #12

dat lil floaty potato will be mine!


So cute!



Thanks for sharing!

I kinda wished the manufacturing process was in the USA.


no, the production took place in China, but came out a yoyo really amazing … I have tried the proto (which is identical to the defined, because was already perfect so) a few weeks ago … and it’s really spectacular…
It will be in a few days in presale to the BAC…  :wink:

This is the manatee:


CLYW doesn’t produce their yoyo’s in the US anymore. Canada and China.


Why is that? :frowning:


Canada to support local companies, China to give us more affordable throws.


Coolio, that makes sense.