Clyw-one drop summit or clyw cliff

Does anyone have any advice on which one I should get. I I want to find the one that spins longer. Either the summit or cliff.

Well these are really hard to compare. They are really different. The cliff is huge. The summit is normal sized. The summit plays on the solid side, an the cliff plays more floaty. The cliff spins a bit longer, and grinds better. But the summit comes with side effects. The summit has a pretty normal shape, but the cliff has an undercut making it a little less comfortable. Really all depends on personal preference.

If you have any respect for yourself whatsoever or for the yoyo community as a whole, you’ll get yourself a Summit and never look back. Ideally in slow-motion with an explosion behind you. Like a Power Ranger.

But who says the Cliff spins longer? My Fireball spins longer than my Chief depending on how I throw it. I WONDER IF THAT’S THE CASE WHEN COMPARING TWO OTHER YOYOS.

Get a summit. Basically what he said ^^^

I can’t speak for the Summit, having never used one, but I have owned a FG Cliff. The Cliff is huge, heavy, slow, and floaty.

The Cliff… is probably an acquired taste. The catch zone is cut in at exactly the wrong spot for my particular fingers. Middle finger gets wedged in there and it feels like garbage to me on a catch.

On the string, it’s pretty floaty and fun, though.

Summit is in all ways a better yoyo for me. Strong spins, comfortable on the catch, sufficiently “floaty” for fun sessions.

I don’t know what I should get yyf genesis or one drop burnside

It would be best to create your own thread for this

You asked about which spins longer. So, from someone who has both…the Cliff gets my vote in the category of spin time.

Thanks for all the help!!!

i dont know what to get a genesis or a dna i dont know witch one is better

Idk man there both amazing throws

you must do what you feel is right

Please start your own stream to ask that question

Yea! make your own thread its really easy