CLYW Metal Yeti is FUN!


Picked up a Metal Yeti in that sweet purple when they dropped last week. I’ve had a couple days to play with it and I am LOVING this throw!

The shape is super comfortable in the hand and it is DEAD smooth. Finish is a nice silky blast and the purple color I got really pops. I LOVE that they included a nice undercut IRG - it’s so easy to hook into and the undercut is so significant that you can ride a thumbgrind from trapeze all the way around 360 degrees and land it back on your trap with ease - so fun!

This thing has some power behind it - when you give it the gas it RIPS. It’s a really fun throw!


Hard to tell from pics what the fingerspin capabilities are with this one. What say you @bobafret?


VERY easy to fingerspin. The cup is giant so landing it is easy as it gets. The little center is raised so it’s similar to anything with a hub in the middle - as it approaches totally horizontal you get wobble. But this one takes longer to get to that point because of the design of the cup so you can throw slightly off horizontal and get a really nice spin from it. And when it does start to wobble, it’s much less pronounced than some of my other throws that do this, so it seems to keep more speed even as it wobbles.

I love the design - fingerspin, thumb grinds, really good gap zone, nice stability, good spin time and it just drips quality.

Plus, the package included a really sweet enamel Yeti pin and some cool stickers!

(Jim Honaker) #4

I had a chance to play with one for a bit over at the YYE shop. I loved it. The finish is super silky and all the colors looks great. I really liked the Blue, Purple, and the Black. I would have honestly picked it up in a heartbeat if I wasn’t tapped out. I would recommend it to anyone if you were giving it some thought. It is a little bigger but I really didn’t notice. It felt really good in the hand and on the string.


It’s like the ultimate EDC beater “good at everything, feelsgoodman” yo-yo.