CLYW Giveaway.

Who cares. Only ONE of us would win it…

On the one hand, I agree, on the other him lying is something other traders on this forum should know about :slight_smile:

That would be completely unwarranted feedback. You did not engage in business with the individual nor lose anything if he did not follow through.

I’ll leave that to the admins to decide, I sent him a PM and will be waiting a couple weeks before posting the feedback.

I understand you feel slighted, but this situation does not call for feedback whatsoever. Don’t jump the gun and give someone unwarranted feedback.

I would actively protest the feedback. Don’t get all upset about not getting a change to be receiving a free yoyo.

and the admins will remove the feedback. The point is, it’s not a trade, you can’t give him feedback. I don’t care how cheated you feel, you didn’t lose anything nor did anyone else. Even if you WON the yoyo and got it shipped to you, you shouldn’t leave positive feedback either. Like I said, it’s not a trade.

I couldn’t find the feedback rules before when I first started talking about giving him feedback. A second search reveled them and it’s very clear it’s not within their rules. Anyway I won’t be leaving feedback.

I AM SORRY GUYS I HAVE NOT BEEN ONLINE IN A WHILE NOR DID I FORGET ABOUT THIS. Unfortunately I did not even place in the competition so I did not do the give away. If I would have won that would be a different story and would have sent the thrower his yoyo immediately. Dont worry I have not dooped you, I’ve been immersed in work lately. I hope you understand<3