CLYW Giveaway.

Hey guys, it’d be amazing if you could go down to where it says “Justin S” and tick the little box to vote for me. If I win, I’ll be giving away a CLYW Chief. MIB. All you have to do is comment that you voted and which number you were and I’ll use a random generator to pick the winner. Thanks guys and gals <3

done :slight_smile:

Thanks, you’re entered!

I cannot find where I am supposed to check. Can you give me some help with that?

You have to like the page, scroll down to my video where it says "Justin S’ and tick the little box to vote.

Wait, don’t tell me that you’re the other Justin S from Massachusetts.

Sorry, just realized that you were from PA. Awk


Done, #76


Everyone entered so far.

79 here!


81 :slight_smile: good luck man, hopefully you win!

Thanks, entered!

last day is tomorrow guys, enter!

  1. Good luck man!

Cant find :-\ help?

Go to the link, like the page, scroll down until you see the video that says Justin S under it and vote for that :slight_smile:

When is the contest over?