CLYW Return Top Giveaway!


Hey guys! just wanted to put this out there :wink:

ends Oct. 5 so get to it!
random number generator will be used to pick the page and comment number
please 1 entry per person as i don’t want to have to disqualify anyone :wink:


(Owen) #2

I want to be pelted in the face with that yoyo!





What an awesome thing you’re doing. I love your vids.


I just watch some video of you and it was awesome. And can you maybe make some yoyo tutorial?. Yoyo give away is awesome :slight_smile:


Yes, just yes.

I love CLYW, I’ve never owned one, but that would be a nice thing to have. :slight_smile:


Totally excited!

…Clareview would look really nice in my collection!


im doing something similiar in acouple weeks, but with psg’s. uhmm comeback avalanche? is that new? i just got an avalance last week, magnificent yoyo. subd. and dont pick me, i dont deserve it anyways lol

(Owen) #9

The Ava hasnt had a new run for about a year, hence the name Comeback ava



(Owen) #11

Haha but you haven’t really been around so it’s cool that you didn’t know


I WANT IT IN MY FACE!!!(well…that happened to my brother and he chipped his skull…)


It’s Ernest!! ;D

My jaw hits the floor every time I watch this guy bind, it’s never the same thing twice. If I could only be so lucky, it’d be one heck of story to tell people how I got my first ever caribou lodge from Kahn himself!


Too bad I don’t have a YouTube account because I have no 100 dollar Yoyo AKA I don’t own one. on me but you are one of my favorite yoyoers


Subbed and Commented.


haha truee thatt. And guys I dont think begging will get you there, I just got of jail the only thing I own are a hikong pack my avalanche and a prepaid phone, im couch hoppin. Lol smh entitlement smh




didn’t expect this many people to join! Wow! Thanks guys!

and good luck! ;D

(SR) #19



BUMP! Ends in a few* hours. :smiley: