CLYW Giveaway.

Hey guys, it’d be amazing if you could go down to where it says “Justin S” and tick the little box to vote for me. If I win, I’ll be giving away a CLYW Chief. MIB. All you have to do is comment that you voted and which number you were and I’ll use a random generator to pick the winner. Thanks guys and gals <3


when does it end?


Ends when I find out who the winner is. Thanks, you’re entered!

I was #67

Good luck man! I’m #69

Good luck.


Thanks, you guys are all entered!

I’m 71, I hope you win!

Up. Close guys!

I was 73. Clicked and Voted :smiley:

Don’t have a Facebook. Sorry! Is there any other way to vote?

Sorry, that’s the only way!


Last day is tomorrow guys, enter!

I wasn’t able to go there it says it doesn’t exist but I really want to enter by tommorow

Im 72

Forgot to post earlier oops


Hmmm, the link sends me to a Newegg video contest.