CLYW Giveaway.

I’m 86 :slight_smile:

You have to like the page first :slight_smile:


there is only 89 votes?

Oh okay 89

I don’t see a box. It just goes to Neweeg page or something and shows their post :-\



I liked their page, now what?

He said the last day would be Nov 4th, you’re probably to late.

When will the winner be announced?

He hasn’t been online since

I think we have been cheated

Essentially what I was thinking. The old bait n’ switch

Well darn, we voted on a thing. Are we allowed to give him negative feedback because of this? It was basically an incomplete trade on his part, we just don’t know which of us it was going to go to.

You’ll notice the original thread said “if I win I will give away a cheif”. Its possible he didn’t win. I’ll message him and ask.

Good point :slight_smile:

I have nothing to do this. This person has no affiliation with clyw.


It’s all good, I don’t think anyone assumed that he did, especially not with that giant moving signature. Although I’m suprised that someone was able to get away with having the username “CLYW”…

He had like 90 votes, all the others had like 40ish

Judges’ votes are also taken into account for the final result.

Don’t start crying foul until we find out the results guys.

Have the results been posted yet?

What’s up with this contest???

I feel slightly cheated and am willing to leave him negative feedback.

He hasn’t been active for almost a month though, maybe he just forgot?

Anyone else feel similar?