Hey guys, I just got my marmot as some of you know, and I was thinking about the box, “how could I make this awsome?” I asked my self. Then it hit me, Get it signed by Jenson Kimmitt! Perfect, get my favorite yo-yo box signed by my favorite player, but I checked the site and I couldnt find thier address, so I cant send it to him, HMMMM, what to do, I have an idea, How about I ask all the nice people on YYE. So I am.

Does any one know the address of CLYW head quarters, or even Kimmitt’s address?
Thanks guys!


I think hes on YoYonation not sure…

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I don’t think anyone should openly post anyone’s address. I think you should confirm with Jensen you are going to send him a yoyo before you actually send it. PM him here:;u=2342

This is something to ask CLYW or Jenson. I cannot just openly give their address.