Jensen Kimmitt Signature yoyo

Does jensen kimmitt have the Clyw yoyo Wooly Marmot as his Signature yoyo?

Yep. But he also has the Northstar. He was using the Avalanche at Cal States this year though. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

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that sounds about right…

The Wooly Marmot isn’t considered his signature yoyo anymore. And the NorthStar I heard their taking his name off of it soon or something, because he’s not on YYF anymore. But the last time we saw him at California States this year, he was back on CLYW. So I’m not sure if they consider the Wooly Marmot his signature yoyo still or not. Kind of confusing. :-\

yea it sounds like it

pretty much what i was about to say. good job!!

Jensen is still listed as a YoyoFactory contest team member!