It has been awhile.

It has been awhile, since I have been on here. I was stuck on some tricks, and so after several months, I decided to take a break for awhile.(probably 2 to 4 months) So the last news I have read about Jenson Kimmit winning the world yo-yo contest in 2010,(there were a lot of Youtube videos of it) and there were those mystery boxes, the superstar was released, and the popstar was just released, and so far there were no reviews for the popstar.

I guess the whole reason of me making this post is to catch up on the latest yo-yo news and releases.

welcome back

Welcom Back. :slight_smile:

Nothing major has happened…Jensen Kimmit left YYF and Joined CLYW, CLYW came out with a few new yoyos, OD has new prototype…That’s all I can think of.

Thanks, themaddoughnut. It is great to be back.

Jensen left YYF to CLYW? What is OD? What is the yo-yo called that OD is making?

OD is OneDrop


I don’t think they’ve released the name of the yoyo.

actually he left, quit for a while deleted all his accounts and stuff on the computer and then went to clyw

I did not think about that. Thank you.

Wow. So do they have a signature (spelling?) yo-yo for him yet?

Could be wrong,but I think the yoyo is called the Halifax. ???

His sig was the Marmot, right?

I remember said Keb-san