Clyw Compass

How is it? Play nice? Is that pixel bearing nice? Just want to hear your thoughts.

I was wondering too. Also wondering if I should get the compass or the manatee?

I don’t know about the compass, but the manatee is very nice. It’s wide making hitting string tricks easy, but not so wide that it makes it more difficult. Plays smooth. Mine has no vibe unless I make a bad throw. It can play fast if you want to push it but you will tell when you star to maneuver it that it likes relaxed play more. The finish is very friendly for grinds. Spin time is long also. I like that because I don’t have to throw as hard to finish some tricks. Now about the pixel bearing. If you like concave bearings you will like it. It has less of a radius than a terripin but still centers the string well. As far as noise goes, it’s quieter than the terrapin, but not as quiet as a od ten ball. But remember noise is a personal preference. They play very smooth. Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Thanks. Now if I could just pull 85 dollars out of the air…

Compass is more competition driven design, while manatee is chill fest central.

Yeah I’m still super new to this so the difference between competitive yo-yos and chill kinda needs defining