CLWY Manatee VS CLYW Compass


I want one of these for Christmas, but I don’t know which one to get. Which one plays faster with a floaty feel to it? I really like the width of the manatee, but I I think the compass was lighter. Oh, and side question, is it safe to buy used yoyos of off eBay? What are the chances of getting something that wasn’t as advertised?


It’s in my opinion that the compass is the faster of the two. Float is subjective, but I feel the manatee has more laid back feeling. Now for your eBay question. Everytime you buy from ebay you take the chance on getting something that was not advertised. Check the sellers feed back rating and amount of sales. This can help you make a decision. Also there is a good chance if a used yoyo is on ebay the same one is also here on the bst.


I’d just get it from yye because they are 100% safe. I like the compass a lot more I don’t like the manatee that much