CLYW Chief Review

The chief is good


Are you serious?


Your review is a single sentence with two grammatical errors…

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I’m going to buy the Chief because of this review. Thanks!



This is so legit!

Damn people chill out. It’s still a review, just not a very in-depth one.


I just bought a chief, now I know it’s good.


Thanks for the review! I was wondering if the Chief was good or not.

Well, this tells me everything I need to know about the chief… And the arctic circle too!

Welp, better drop cash for a Chief. inb4 thread deleted

Sheesh… stop being so pointlessly sarcastic, everyone.

Now, too the OP. Reviews are generally expected to provide information about how a yoyo plays… fast, floaty, etc. Add these things and you’ll have a much better review. :wink:

Your reviews are legendary. I need more of them.

This is the best review I have ever read. Short and to the point.

Finally got mine in the mail. I can confirm, the chief is good.

More accurate and less biased review:

The Chief is a yoyo.

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Wow. Your reviews are better than Puffins.

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so it’s not good? I like mine.