clyw cheif review


my fiirst impression of this yoyo was that it was just extremely smooth for the 144 dollars it was a lot but it was totaly worth the cash to get it.i will strongly recomend this throw. it has the smoothest  anidozation that i have aver had nine will palm grind for about 10 seconds and will still get to my hand again. the play is very smooth not very fast but not very slow. it has to be for me right in the middle of where people typicaly like it to be. hope this video helps

O.k  Fisrt off I used gloves when I did this second if you put on monkeyfingure buff it WILL grind a lot longer than a normal grind so consider all of the options here before you start going after me about that.


Details? How does it play? Specs? Construction? Finish? Pics?


If you do another review, PLEASE check to make sure you’re using proper grammar. It really helps us understand what you’re saying.

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Wow, 1 period in the whole thing.


I think it would also help for you to be able to spell the name of the yoyo you are reviewing. Punctuation and grammar also help.


Counting is a good skill to learn. Ten actually comes after nine, which is after eight. I think the number you were looking for with the palm grind is 4. You see, 1, 2, 3, 4 and then back to your hand. There is no yoyo that palm grinds for 10 seconds (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).


On the contrary, the synergy or photon spirit would both palm grind for that long easily. :wink:
I can’t attest to its palm grinding abilities, but I did a 10 second finger grind with a stampede, and had enough spin to bind.


I’d have to see it to believe it. A second is actually a lot longer than it feels. So unless it’s on video, when people tell me anything longer than 5 seconds, I always imagine what they really meant was, “it did a finger grind for a LOT longer than I can normally grind for! It was amazing!”

And it may have felt like 10 seconds. But without a video, I just can’t bring myself to believe it.

Starting 2:42, this is what 5-6 seconds of grinding looks like. It’s a pretty long time if you imagine that the trick was happening in realtime, but it’s barely more than half of the 10 second claim. That’s if it was realtime, but the video is in slow-mo. You can see the spin dying, and that’s around 3 seconds of real time. That includes hops, during which friction is relieved. Over 3 times that much grinding with friction the whole time? Show me the video. :wink:

A 3 second grind is pretty normal, and I’m sure if it wasn’t for wanting to make sure there was a good “take” (the hopping was the important thing) Mike could have gone for longer. But 10 seconds?

Not to mention that as the spin dies, the gyroscopic effect dies. Then it’s not just spintime and friction, but the ability to balance a slowly-spinning object on your finger.

For palm grinds, you can actually do it with just one rim if you’re clever, but you need full speed; it doesn’t work when the yoyo starts to die. Traditionally, there are two rims, which can create a lot of friction especially with a semi-organic shape like the Chief.

Suffice it to say, some skepticism over here.


I didn’t take a video, but I did use a stop watch. Your choice whether or not you believe it.


You’re known as one of the most honest people around here, but in this case I’m just too skeptical. Nothing personal intended!