Spin Dynamics Flow


When I purchased the Flow, I was wanting a throw that I could pick up in any mood and have a great time. The release of the Flow just happened at the right time. I looked at the specs, and I thought they looked good but of course you can never really tell until you’re holding the yoyo. Well, I got exactly what I was hoping for.
I had a hard time selecting a finish. It was a close race between the nickel and clear, but the purple was in third. I went with the clear, but sometimes I wish I had gotten the purple. I’ve seen it look absolutely amazing in pics. The finish is great for grinding. I can get easy 3plus second finger grinds and I’m not even that great at them. The catch zone is pretty much rim to rim.
In my opinion this thing really shines with its power. It will truck through some seriously long combos. It’s as stable as I could hope for. I did swap the bearing to a trifecta. I started to get a some noise on the stock bearing and got a little carried away with lube so I just swapped it instead of cleaning it. The Flow has helped me learn some new (to me) tricks like and whut, resisting tilt all the way. It probably isn’t the “fastest” yoyo but it by no means has a brick on a string feel. More solid and fluid. It just has a really relaxing feel because you know you won’t have to rush anything.
All in all, I really don’t know how you could go wrong here. The Flow feels great to hold and throw, and to me there’s just something about the shapes that just looks inviting. I highly recommend it.


Couldn’t agree more. I have the nickel-plated one, and man can it power through some seriously long combos. It looks stunning too. Definitely one of my favorite throws.


How does it compete with other high end throws?


Well, that’s hard to say specifically, but generally speaking its pretty high up there. Without comparing it to any throws specifically, it isn’t as floaty, but it is very stable and forgiving.