Spin Dynamics "flow" Review


The “flow” by Spin Dynamics.


Diameter: 56mm
Width:      43.95mm
Gap:          4.8mm
Weight:    66.5grams (anodize) 67.5grams (nickel)

19mm Slim pad Response
Standard C Bearing
Stainless steel helicoil inserts
6061 machined aluminum

Out of the box:

When I pulled the yoyo out of the box I was first struck by the deep royal purple.
The color is so rich and vibrant…  Just breathtaking.  Next was the blast…
The blast is VERY smooth and very soft (cross between a soda blast and a bead blast)


The flow looks great.  V shape with some very well placed cuts to give it a “modern” look.
One of the best features is the hub design Nick was able to take some weight from the bearing seat and add it to the hub so as to push the center weight out a bit more and to also add more weight to the rims.  You will see that there seems to be a “double rim” This is by no means “chief” like as it helps to create an excellently placed IRG.  All around the flow looks great!!


So it took me a bit if time to “dial” in the flow to my specific needs.  I started off by removing the bearing and adding a KK as I felt that would be the way to go.  Threw on a Fat Kitty String and went to town.  It played fantastic medium speed and super super stable.  It was missing something and I said “how about a 10 Ball”  So I threw in a 10 Ball and changed to a Normal Kitty String and this is when it came to life!!

The stability of the yoyo is astounding!!  It is as stable as any similair yoyo in the market right now
(Chief, CODE2, Mod10, Majesty and KLR to name a few) The weight placement on the flow really keeps it stableand long spinning.  I could pull off all of my combos with time to spare.  Now while it did spin longer and have more stability withe the KK I just fell in love with the 10 Ball.  It instantly became a much more
“fun” throw for me!!!


Well I would say that it plays somewhere in between a Chief and CODE2 but with its own feeling.  The Chief to me is a much faster yoyo but I do not play fast so it suites me fine.  Can it play fast?  Heck yea!!!

Overall feeling:

I am very happy not only that I picked one up but that Nick was able to design such a killer throw!! 
His first two desings were excellent but not totally my “cup of tea” this one is!!!

Great job Nick!!!

The video highlights the looks of the yoyo with a little added commentary… Enjoy!!!


Great review, I especially enjoyed the video comparison. More reviews should add video like this. Nice job!


i also have one they are awesome :slight_smile:


Nice, thorough review, Matt! The video and comparisons are super helpful, as were the details on the size and your experiences with different bearings!


@Totalartist. Thanks I plan to do more reviews this way moving forward. Now that I have enough experience with how these things work I feel I can give a more accurate assesment.

@Jrod. Thanks man!!! Means a lot coming from you!!


Let’s hope to see a YYE release date posted soon for these. If anyone knows…clue me in.


I’ve been in talks with Andre, the Flow will be headed to YYE very soon, although there is no exact release date scheduled at this time. I will post more info on the manufacturing thread once it becomes available. I expect to have some of the details ironed out in the next few days. Thanks to MGiroux77 for taking the time to do this review and video!


I just wanted to bump this review for the flow.  This is one excellent throw…  IMEO it contends with the big boys!!!  Get yours here:


i bought a nickel plated Flow at NER and i must say, i have not been able to put it down! every time i go to my case to pick a throw for the day i keep gravitating towards the Flow. it has that “just right” feel that i honestly haven’t known since the '08 888 came out. of course my style has evolved since then so the Flow fits the bill a little better now. I feel like the response is just slightly underpowered with normal string, which is perfect because it means i can use fat-tastic whippy-soft string like fat kitty and ammo.


I’m looking forward to getting mine. Mr. Dynamic has lent his talents to our community as an invaluable competition judge instead of as a high profile competitor. Having seen him play in person quite a bit…I can assure you this is a man who knows what it takes to throw at the highest level. His skill as a player are on par with the greats (world record to attest to that.) His attention to detail, which perhaps led him into the judging realm, leave him uniquely qualified to design a top notch throw.


aka “Mr. Don’t tell Caribou Chris…I’m Still Fanboy…”


I so want one! In all seriousness the purple looks so gooooooood!
Hoping to have the extra money to pick one up soon :]


Great review. I have two clear coat and Nickel they are amazing. One of the best throws out right now.


Just a bump for my boys and what they can do with the flow…


Mr. MGiroux,

Thanks for a wonderful review. The video was especially helpful seeing the flow against some other popular throws. I own the M10 and Chief, and they are probably my two favorite throws. Since you specifically mentioned them in your video, and they are both unquestionably excellent throws, how would you compare the Flow against the two of them?

To put you on the spot, if someone said you could only use these three yoyos for the rest of your life, and then said they lied and you could only use two, what would you leave out? If they said you could only take one what would you keep?

I don’t know if anyone else has been overwhelmed with the number of great throws that all came out recently (M10, bvm2, summit, triton, and now the flow) but any discussion how how throws compare against one another is incredibly useful to me. Thanks!


First off thank you for enjoying my review. I do not do many so when I do I try to do my best to let everyone know not only my opinion of the yoyo but some general thoughts on how it can compare to other throws that are similair.

So first off to compare the M10 to the Flow… The M10 as you know is incredibly smooth and floaty. The weight on the M10 makes it a very fast and nimble throw. The Flow on the other hand is a bit more on the stable/solid side. The way that Nick placed the weight just off center is just awesome. At the end of the day I love to play both yoyo’s but if I have to choose just one it would be the Flow (M10 vs Flow) as for the Chief. That is a bit more tricky. The Chief is also on the floaty side but plays a bit more solid to me than the M10. I am a HUGE CLYW fan but the Chief is NOT my all time fav CLYW… It is the Avalanche… So I would compare the Flow and Chief in the same class (I do not think they play alike though) Flow = super solid and stable and can spin and spin and spin… while the Chief = floaty/nimble and fun…

One think that just came to me the other day from a friend that just got the flow was that it has a bit of yoyorecreation in it… At first I thought he was crazy until I actually thought about it and threw it around with that in mind… The Flow is to me such a good throw because it just has it’s own personality… I just love it and I will always have one in my collection!!!

I hope that helps you in your quest and I hope I was able to answer your question. Again thank you for the nice words!!! Cheers!!


Thanks Matt,

The comparisons you gave are really helpful. It sounds like the Flow needs to move up on my buy list. :slight_smile:

I find the floaty, stable chief allows me to not worry about the yoyo but just play, so it sounds like the Flow would be a great addition.

I plan to either get the Triton or Flow next, and if anyone out there has had a chance to throw both and compare them that would be awesome!


The flow may be my favorite yoyo ever at the moment. It unseated my dead smooth 1st run skywalker, which has been my favorite throw for the past 2 plus years. It just spins, and spins, and spins, and geez is it smoother than all heck. I cannot hype this throw enough. Get one.


I own both, and they are both great. The Flow is very stable. “stable” gets thrown around a lot but the Flow really stands out in that department. The “floaty” edge I’d give to the Triton. Both very fun and you couldn’t go wrong with either.


Thanks for the comparison to the triton. I have been playing the the triton and would characterize the chief as more floaty than the triton which would make me suspect the flow would feel fairly heavy and dense. Perhaps the flow would feel similar to a Sasquatch or even a magic yoyo n12?

Being able to try a yoyo for just a few minutes before buying it would likely save me a lot of money. :slight_smile: