Spin Dynamics flow review

So I just got a nickel plated Flow. It is without a doubt one of the smoothest, most stable, and long spinning throws I have ever owned. It isn’t a super zippy yoyo(the nickel plating raised the weight from 66.5 gms to 67.9 gms) but im not a very speedy player, and it suits my style. The huge catch zone makes for super easy string hits, especially due to the stability. And the shape is fairly straightforward and comfortable, although it seems to have a specialized series of cuts in the hub and rim that maximize weight distribution.

Plus, there’s new technology they’ve introduced. They have some sort of “steel helicoil insert” which they explain here: (http://spindynamicsyoyo.com/?page_id=276[1] ) and it seems to work pretty well because this yoyo is butter smooth and almost silent. I have a hard time figuring out how fast it’s spinning oftentimes, and most of the time it has way more spin to it than I expect.

My preferred setup is with a 10 ball, although I’ve noticed that this setup can be unforgiving on a bad throw(and I pride myself on my throw, so its most likely not me). Perhaps this is due to the gap size (4.8 mm plus the added step, which greatly increases the perceived gap), although binds are still fairly tight. A KK completely erases this issue, although there’s a small amount of kickback. Again, this is due to the large, open gap. But this is my only rather trivial gripe. This yoyo (in any other sense) is simply heaven on the string. With a 10 ball (or a KK, both are pretty sweet) this yoyo simply reaches a lofty level of awesome that I haven’t encountered in awhile.

I still love my skywalker, my avant garde 2, and my arctic circle. But this yoyo will have to get pried out of my cold, dead hands. I’d recommend getting one before they’re gone.