Palm grinding

Hey how do u grind in your hand 'cause I got good grinding skillz but every time I try to grind it in my palm it justs stops.

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I normally either have it on my fingers or close to my wrist. It’s never actually close to my palm. I find that if you wash your hands and then wait about 15 minutes, they get really dry and the yoyo will grind easily on them.

it stops if your using a plastic yoyo but with metal it should just roll on your hand but only do it for like 3 secs then it starts to die

Actually, my plastic lyn fury is beast on palm grinds

I have a PGM version 2

thats your problem and skillz wanna battle?

Um I ordered my hatrick a little while ago but my grandparents won’t let me have until my B-day May 29 but sure let me get some tricks and combos together and sure.and oh did u get that gyro flop vid finished if u did just PM it to me.

kk just pm when ur ready i already have a vid done

What a coincidence, same day as the Bay Area Classic. Any way, for best palm grinds make sure that you are using all metal yoyo with round edges (like the 44) and the yoyo is smooth and not sticky and your hands are nice and smooth and not sweaty. And you should get a good palm grind from this. :wink:

Well grinds are a bit easier with metals, no? Atleast for me they are.

Oh, you can’t really palm grind on the PGM. Because it’s plastic and it has that texture, it will just slip out of your hand. When you get your Hatrick you will be able to palm grind.

i don’t see why? pgm can grind quite well (and andre can do it with his dm for goodness sakes), but if all else fails pick it up by the hubs and put it as close to your palm as you can without touching it… lol, sometimes it’s just your hand though, sometimes even my hatrick won’t grind because my palms are sticky.

i can palm grind with my dark magic no prob. i’ve found that you throw it like a normal throw(not breakaway) and when you catch it in your palm it’s gonna want to roll off your hand so just cup your fingers upwards and the yoyo will try to roll up and over your fingers but if you curve your fingers enough it will roll in place.

If you try palm grinding on a PGM it will just slide of your hand. Same with finger grinds, or it will really sting. Best with metal yoyos.

PGM=Plastic GRIND Machine