CLYW Candy Tutorials: Tipsy Towers With Rolls


Im back from IYYC just made a new trick and hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


You have two small problems with a lot of your tricks. You almost always start with a pinwheel, and the Yuuki Slack motion you overuse. But cool trick anyway.


Is that your own trick? I like it.


Well as i start my yoyoing i have a tendency to want to do a pinwheel im sorry but at the same time it gives me that small second to think about how the trick needs to be executed its a small detail but i cant change what im already comfortable with:)


Yes all the tricks in my tutorials are 100% mine because i feel like if tricks are going to be OG i gotta make them from my brain of course the basics are left to the makers but i make these tricks with no help from videos or tutorials:)