Clyw campfire vs. wooly marmot!

I just ordered a campfire from over seas seeing that clyw yoyos are so hard to get, but now I see they are releasing some on Friday rite here on yoyoexpert! so my question to all you Clyw fans is should I order a marmot too or wait till I get my campfire and then wait till the next time I can get my hands on a marmot?

What do you all think?

The marmont is almost the same specs as the dv888 except it’s lighter. In my personally opinion that size is fun to play and helps with accuracy a whole lot. The campfire being so similarly sized it will probably be the same.

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I already have both! 28 storie colorways. Mint in box too. They are so pretty I don’t play them! But, this guy I meet with on the weekends has tried them both and he seemed to like them. I got no issue with people trying them out. He was thinking of getting one or the other, and this trial helped him confirm it. It’s nice to be able to share!

If you have already ordered the Campfire, then I’m assuming the money is spent and gone.

If you can afford it, just order the Marmot, assuming you can get one in the mad rush. I don’t mind having multiple orders out and waiting for delivery, but I also track everything so I know what is outbound, what’s on its way to me, and where things are coming or going. Nothing serious, just simple tracking stuff, stuff anyone can do sing paper if they wanted to.

Let me warn you:
When a CLYW drops at YYE, it’s like opening Target or Walmart on Black Friday, just without bags of meat banging into each other. It’s nut, it happens fast and the only thing that might get hurt are bank accounts. If you are planning on ordering accessories, I strongly suggest you assemble your order ahead of time and then have an open tab on the countdown, and then a fresh window for the ordering. Ensure you’re logged in to the YYE store(yes, it’s NOT the same as the forum). Use Paypal and just bang through everything. Even be logged into Paypal first on another open tab.

Being prepared gives you a SLIGHT edge. Fast internet, fast computer, fast typing skills, login ahead of time.

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Thank you for the advice and comparisons, now it’s up to me to make it or brake it!

I got my campfire in the mail today! It throws awesome for an undersized yo-yo!