Clyw campfire or YYF Mighty Flea?

Should i get the clyw campfire for normal 1A (because of spin times =]) or the mighty flea just to say i can use the smallest yoyo in the world like a pro ??? ???

campfire. it is hard to use the flea and i doubt to most people, the size wont matter too much

If your looking for a serious throw, go with the campfire. If you want a novelty that plays good, go with the flea.

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Flea!!! They are AMAZZZING!

I second this notion.

Definitely a Campfire.

campfires are awesome, nice bead blast for grinds and its undersized a little, even comparing with the dingo (the alt undersized wheel), i think the campfire is better, dunno about the flea.

I recomend getting a campfire myself. Never played one, but i like the looks and shape. The colors are pretty nice looking too. Kind of a flat color but with a glare to it.

I’m sorry but this is the most ridiculous question. You should be asking a campfire or skyline or something like that. But when they are sooooooo different, it just doesn’t make sense.

I’m just trying to keep this thread going lol.