CLYW Campfire or YYF G5 ??

pls tell :slight_smile:

i know we all hate hearing this, but what are your preferences?

PS. I like the campfire WAY MORE than the G5!!!

Do you like small, rounded, and good for grinds (campfire) or do you like large, h-shaped, and hubstacks (g5) ?

omg i dont care is it big or small
i ask you

If you like your 888x alot the campfire would be much more similar to it than the g5. Personally, I like the campfire WAY more. :slight_smile:

i dont have 888x, i like it before
and is it good trade p2 for camp??

the two cant be compared. they’re practically polar opposites

I like the shape of the Campfire, but that’s just my personal preferences.

Yoyoing comes down to how you feel about it, some shapes that work for other people but maybe not you.

Basically you need to know what you like in a throw now (or what you don’t) and figure it out from there.

If you like angular yoyos with a very H like shape as well as stacks go with the G5.

If you like smaller more rounded yoyos that are decent for grinds and fit a little nicer in your pocket go for the Campfire.