CLYW Campfire or YYF 888X

Which yoyo should i buy: CLYW Campfire or YYF 888X? ???

What are preferences (size shape etc)

I personally prefer the 888x it just feels better to me. But both are great yoyos

Get whatever fits your preferences and you want

I can’t really speak for the 888X, but I just got a Campfire last week, and it has gone everywhere with me since then. It’s really a great pocket throw. It will take anything you can throw at it.

what lax said, what r ur preferences? i personally like the 888x

Depends on how important hubstacks are to you.

I much prefer my Campfire to my 888 - in fact, my Campfire’s by far my best throw, so it would definitely get my recommendation.

I like the camp fire because it feels heavier that my dv888 and chaotic