G5 Vs. eight8eight (Final Round)

Title says it all. Bash each others guts out!

You don’t need to keep making separate threads…

I know. I need a final decision. (Round 1, 2 Final.)

What is even different about this thread? Its the exact same thing.

What is your preference?

Preference of…(i.e. skill, shape, size)

Well, Shape is the big thing.

H or Butterfly??

Butterfly. Now its obvious you guys will say eight8eight.

Of course,if you like butterfly,then the 888 will be better for you.

If you knew the answer, then why were you making all of these polls?

The shape preference doesn’t really matter, its just which one has a more comfortable feel to a player. And its obviouse because of the H-Shape and the Butterfly.

That’s contradicting. What is more comfortable to the player is preference.

It really matters. If some people on this forum liked to eat poop, and they said “Hey, I like to eat poop better the urine,” you probably wouldn’t eat it, would you?

Preference is the thing that allows us to know what you like. That is why it is important. We’re trying to make it so you don’t spend $120 on a yoyo you hate, but if you keep ignoring our advice, then we might as well not help you.

Darn. (Lets hope nobody eats that)

It also depends on what tricks you like. YYF (I think) have been selling their G5 classics lately. If you REALLY want to thumb grind then choose 888. If you don’t then take Samad’s advice. Comfort varies from player to player. Enlighten us, what yo-yos do you have now that you fell comfortable throwing? That might give you an insight on what is right for you.