CLYW Bonfire.

Ok this really cool. As you can tell it’s based off the Campfire and looks just amazing can’t wait to pick one up. Anybody else excited?e.

Awesome! Can’t wait for them to be released

Totally forgot about this! But I doubt Chris is going to do the interchangeable rims this time around.

Funny, I was throwing my Campfire today when I thought “it’d sure be nice if this were full-sized”.


The Bear Trap was the interchangeable rim concept.


Looks like another yoyo I can’t afford

It looks fun to play though

What is this talk about interchangeable rims?


Your phone battery is low.

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Hey it’s on the charger :wink: And I took the notion to looks up the bear trap and it looks amazing. Sucks that it wasn’t produced.

Would be cool to see the concept on the bonfire. If you look really close there is a slight cut on the rim but it’s too blurry to tell what it really is.



I can’t wait for this.

It’s just a slight indentation on the flat rim. My Campfire has the same thing.

(Starts twerking)

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Are you the same Ryan that posted that on my yeti ad?

haha same

Is anyone else disappointed that this thing isn’t called the Woodchuck?


Lol soon as he posted this i commented and said “It’s the WOODCHUCK!”

It isnt a Charles Haycock signature its just a general release yoyo that is the sequel to the campfire

There is already a yoyo company called “Woodchucks”. They make wooden yoyos.

I wonder about this as well. Has he officially confirmed it as his signature throw or has he just posted up a picture and people are assuming it is?

Have the specs been released yet?