CLYW Bonfire.

I could be wrong…

but my understanding is that the Bonfire is NOT the Charles Haycock signature return-top.

two separate entities.

hope this helps! :smiley:




The “murdered” out version?

New sig or not, looks pretty awesome.


Ha, I didn’t think this would actually happen.

Oh I really had no idea I just asked YoyoBrothers and he said yes.(unless I read wrong) (most likely) if it isn’t I’m going to have to save some $$$big time… And sorry if I’m wrong…

I know that feel bro.

I know that feel bro.

In fact, he knows that feel twice!


Everyone get on the hype train, 'cuz it makes the yoyo that much better!

The word ‘hype’ is over-hyped. It seems to me that any time anyone brings out a new throw nowadays all the anti-hypers spring out of the woodwork like the Seagulls from Finding Nemo.

hype! hype! hype!

I’m tired of hearing that word, regardless of what side of the fence it’s coming from.

This is Not Chucks Signature

The photo posted at the top is the Bonfire. It is an oversized Campfire. No price point yet.

The Bonfire is not Charles’ signature throw. We’re going to work on that.

The Bear Trap had interchangeable rims. It has nothing to do with the Bonfire. The Bear Trap was an idea we had, but never worked. Go buy the Split Decision by Werrd, their’s works amazing.

What other myths do I need to fix?

Charles’ signature metal throw won’t be the Woodchuck. Calling a metal the Woodchuck would just be weird.

Thanks for the support!



By oversized do you mean 56 plus diam?

Not that big. Only 55.1mm

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Yesssssss that is what I wanted to hear!!! The Campfire was my first ever modern metal!!! I can’t wait for this guy!!! Zip Zop her up man!!! :slight_smile:

Simple solution Chris, make it the Metalchuck.