CLYW Bear vs Men Round 2 vs Chief

Which of these two YoYo´s is better??

No such thing as ‘better’, only what’s better for you and your style.


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solid: BVM2
floaty: chief

They are basically are the same yoyo in play but with 2 different feels. One solid and one is floaty thats just my opinion

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Can’t go wrong with either.

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You could like mate them together and make a hybrid baby so you can have the best of both

I am going to ask clyw to make a yoyo with the same gap as the bvm 2 but put a bit less weight on the rims like the cheif to make it feel a little more floaty.

The Bear vs Chief ;D

or the chare


I literally just emailed clyw on the idea

I don’t think Chris takes requests.

I preferred the BVM2 to the Chief. It’s faster and more stable which is what I prefer… the Chief “float” didnt really do it for me.

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I… Bear vs. Chief.
Profile of the Chief, cup of the BVM2.
Chief specs. but 65g
I would buy that in a heartbeat.

William is on the $

N I would love to see bear vs chief lol

Go for the bear! Idk about the man…


The BVM2 is better than the BVM2 and the Chief is better than the Chief. So they are both awesome, but neither is better than the other.

Chief is floaty and fast, BVM2 is solid and fast (comp based)

I buy the BvM2… Can u send some pics of the Colorway grey Green Clear?? :slight_smile:

Best regards from germany

Come on Some Pics!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You want people who own that colourway to take pics for you?

There’s some good pics in this review: