chief or bear vs man 2

just wondering which would be better to get, please help ???

Edit: I gave false info. Sorry guys! :slight_smile:

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thanks, I didn’t see it

just checked it out and it’s the cliff, not the chief :-\

Ah, I’m sorry! I must’ve misread! So sorry! Let me give to you my thoughts on these guys:

To me, the Chief is sort of middle of the road in everything, but in a good way. It can go fast, it can go slow. It has a decent amount of float. It really excels in stability, I found. Regens are good because of that stabilizing ring. I really like the Chief. I found it to be one of my favorites. Very useful in competition.

The BvM2 is more angular, and I find to be more solid, but not too solid. Like the Chief, it’s very stable. It can play pretty fast too. This is a no frills, pure competition throw. It doesn’t compromise performance for “fun” or aesthetics.

I think the shape is one of the deciding factor. If you like more angular throws, go for the BvM2. If you want a more organic approach, the Chief is perfect.

These are both GREAT competition throws (or just fun!), and you can’t go wrong with either. Personally, I think the Chief is a must have for any collection, so I’d go with that first.

Once again, for giving you false information earlier, I should have read more carefully! :slight_smile:

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I would go with the man 2. The bear seems like a good yoyo but the man 2 has some great characteristics.

Although in a serious sense. Preferences

its all right, thank you for your help!

haha, I see what you mean i’ll fix that! :wink:

My personal opinion seems to overlap with the demand in the BST - The Chief is the best throw CLYW has ever made. The BvM2 is by no means a lousy player, but it can’t compete. The chief is a magical device that is just so perfectly balanced in every way, I can’t imagine someone finding it unsuitable. the BvM2 just doesnt have the same charm.

^^^^ This kinda make ME want to buy chief less, cuz of the “hype” or whatever you call it.

I’d say the chief has a more comfortable feel and I guess it gets classified as floaty as well whereas the bvm2 is a lot more competition oriented instead

The chief was very hyped up, but I still love mine. While the chief is not my favorite yoyo ever, it plays in a very balanced way that makes it cater to most people who like full sized yoyos.
Back to the topic: the bvm2 is a much more solid, straightforward competitor. The chief, while competitive enough, is a little more balanced. I have only thrown a bvm2 a few times, but it was great, just not as fun as the chief.