CLYW, anyone have news.

When is CLYW releasing its next yoyo or restocking it. When will it be avalible on Yoyo expert. What’s it called. If you have any info please reply. :wink:

Soon, just be patient

I’ll bet they are waiting until the numbers pile up a bit so there’s enough to go around.

Yet another CLYW buying surge. I hope I can get in on this one!

Article circle
Signature throw
This year
All im going to say… (:

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For what it’s worth - Last time I was at the One Drop shop they were cutting out Canvas (that was almost a week ago)…

saving up money to be able to buy a CLYWk can’t wait!

The sig. of Zach all IM going to say.

I was able to get a sneak peek of the artic circle, it looks awesome, and unlike any other CLYW i’ve seen. IT’s gonna be hot! Zach Gormelys signature.

They have a pic of the Arctic Circle proto on facebook. It’s on the CLYW page. and they are also re-releasing the Wooly Marmot soon. it’s on the YYE news page


I foyu saw the arctic circle picture, forget it. They are remaking it because it was an exaact(at looks) code 2 copy. Same size,rims,catch zone, gap even the little bumps by the response to prevent snags, only difference is no grooves that most one drops have.Good job CLYW, now you are trying to rip people off at extreme prices and not do any designing! (don’t flame on that last part please)

Ridiculous especially since try were machined by one drop.

There is a prototype for the article circle on eBay

Yep, there were 4 ever made, and one for sale

Does anyone know if clew is restocking soon like within the week or like next month

Heres a pic:

chiefs just dropped last week and sold out immediately and i think he shipped marmots to the stores today

Thank u

Here is the link if you are crazy enough to spend this much