Cliffs, who's getting one?

Who else besides me is going for one of those 2nd run Cliffs? If you are, what colorway?

I am.

Choice 1: 28s
Choice 2: ash berry
Choice 3: jack rabbit.

I’m deft picking up a 28 stories

got a 28stories one … ;D

Got a Delirium Dive SE!

Why dont I have money…

Why won’t my mom let me buy yoyos…

Got an Ash Berry.

What is the SE?

i think SE means speckle. only 25 cliffs left!

I got a 28stories too ;D

if anyone wants to sell me their light up fhz’s to make some extra cash for a cliff… PM me…

I mean… what… :-X

It typically means Special Edition

oh that makes more sense :slight_smile:

Same here :stuck_out_tongue:
What is this “save for a rainy day” nonsense?

I guess she means “wait for a day when the rain is torrential”.

I’d think today was a rainy enough day to spend some cash. I mean, have you seen those cliffs/puffins/Ava’s?!

I somewhat wanted to get jack rabbit but instead got a 28S I like it

I know Jack Rabbit looked so cool but you can’t pass up 28S

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Picked up a space blizzard. :stuck_out_tongue:

the space bllizzard was a super nice colorway!
thats why I like the jack rabbit cause its somewhat like the space blizzard

I really liked how dark the red is on the 28S and the blue with acid wash really looks nice as well. Plus I got rid of my bip bop cliff so I had to get another I hope mines here monday or tuesday cause it looks like yye shipped out