Next run of the Cliff?

Is there going to be another run? If so, when?

I’m not too sure. But, if the current stock on this site is any indication, it might be a bit of a wait. There are still colors available from the last run. I bet the Cliff is in stock elsewhere too :wink: That may slow down any future run.

^^^She beat me to it. Unless it is a super limited colorway that is known to sell out super quick, like Bip Bop, I don’t see stores buying extra stock when they already have some.

This yoyo needs more love. The Cliff is a fun throw.

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I know right everyone just by passes it up because it’s size and shape but its soooo good. Whether you want it for competition or just a fun yoyo. It’s my mine right now since I just traded my Yeti.

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I agree as stated above. The Cliff is definitely in my top 4 CLYW. I love stability and long spin times, and the Cliff has both qualities. The weight was dialed in perfect on that yo-yo (not too heavy…not too light). The price tag may have put it on the back burner for some folks, but it is a special throw, and worth it for sure. Highly recommended.

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I fully agree with the bolded part! Not that I hate other CLYW yoyos I just happen to love the cliff the best and it’s one I’d always play with and seek to keep one in my collection at all times (but I happen to want a few more so yeah it will be a twin or a triplet sort of deal with me!).

No plans currently for more Cliffs and I doubt there will be more in the future(unless in some other form maybe)

I think Snafu and I may have been brothers in another life–it seems we have the exact same taste in yoyos! I fully agree with everything you say. The Cliff is such a great, fun yoyo, especially for people like me, who aren’t too serious about yoyo, and just do it for fun.

Is this to say there may be a ‘Cliff 2’ in the future?

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Haha it does seem like we are brothers from other mothers!

No idea really, depends on Chris and Petr…

The reason I ask is because I really liked the Harrison Hurricane, but they all sold out. Which colourway would you get?


Wat. I think that may be the steal of the century other than some of the similar ones at worlds.