Sasquatches will dropped today!!!!!!!!


Who’s gonna get one? opinions, and feedback if you got one! :smiley:


I really want a team edition but i have no money :-\

(laxdude99) #3

It looks sick I really want one

(Matty#14) #4

I will. Depending on the price. Ive got like, 125. SOOO happy my birthday was last week. Team Edition FTW!!


I might get a 28 stories


I like the purple with pink speckles just because of the laser engraving I love it

(Matty#14) #7

I know! I just cant pull the trigger on one. The 28 stories are almost out… :-\



I’m craving for one…

Why does CLYW have to be so expensive? Aargh.


i really want one too :frowning:


Got a 28 stories! Is it floaty?


already have one not floaty at all.


Ordered a Purple with Pink Speckles! Looks awesome, reminds me of cotton candy, and Halo. The graphics on the side are awesome. This seems like too good of a release to miss. I wonder what other finishes they will come out with. I’ve been wanting a CLYW’s yoyo for a while now. Seems like as good of time as any to try them out. I’ve been reading good reviews.


I’m getting one, can’t wait to get it either!