CLYW Sasquatch Comeback


So as you can see in the title, CLYW has decided to bring back the Sasquatch. On their instagram it seems to be a hot fire lava or Fire blizzard colorway. Who’s excited to see this happen and who’s gonna get one?


I would like to, but so broke…


They never discontinued it. There was just a rather long time between runs. I’m excited and hoping some of them sit on the store until I have the money.


I doubt that’s gonna happen :smiley:


If you check their instagram it’s confirmed that they are making another run of the Sasquatch


Yep. And for those interested, they mentioned on their account that the stats are in fact tweaked a little. Not enough for them to call it the Sasquatch 2 or anything, still same art, same name, just a little different, but they haven’t said exactly how yet.


I think he means he doubts they are going to sit on the store


I meant that they aren’t gonna sit in the store for very long. I ain’t no fool Sally. :wink:


sadly enough. You are probably right.


I missed on the puffin 2… If I want this one which it’s looking like I do…I will get one boys…so count one down already ;D. I’m a mad clicker when I wanna be!

(Owen) #11

Yawn, let me know when they remake the Bassalope.


Liked, but didn’t love the OG Sas. I hope they tweak the weight a bit this time around. In any case, I plan on picking one up.


Such a heavy, bland yoyo, feels nice in the hand though, but doesn’t do much for me.


Haha hit the nail on the head.


Loved the smoothness of my Sasquatch but slightly preferred the play and feel in the hand of my OG Avalanche. I will probably pass on the Sasquatch revamp unless it looks like they’ve tinkered with the weight or width or something that might make it a better fit for me.


If you could take the Sasquatch feel in the hand and put it with the OG Ava playability we’d be on to something.


I wonder how different it is. I just got an original sas recently…

(Rock Shouse) #18

Me too, just picked up a Sas…added to my collection, but a tweaked run has my interest…but not Money yet? Heh!


I saw that at least a couple of people got one at NER – has anyone seen the updated stats yet? They’re not up on CLYW’s site that I can see.


From the yoyobrothers instagram…