Where did this CLiff restock come from?

? I hadn’t heard anything!

I don’t know, but I am ready!!

A lot of people saw it on the clyw thread

i wouldn’t have even known if I didn’t see someone else post something about it lol

I guess I own my luck to looking at the CLYW page on yye and seeing a different color cliff for the thumbnail. When I saw that this morning I was all “oh man!! The cliffs are dropping tonight. Finally!”

I wouldn’t have knows if Sanchez wouldn’t have messages me and told me they were restocking (idk why you do this but thanks!!!) And I ended up getting one of the 28 stories ;D anybody know how many of these were sold because I got to the page at 9:02 and there were only 8 left

I knew from your post yesterday in the CLYW manufacturer page saying how you wanted one, so when I saw it I let you know.

Jus’ try’na help a brutha out :smiley:

It said 11 when I bought one. I’m guessing 11 or 12 were released.

haha thanks again :slight_smile: