Clearing Something Up About Binding

  Ok.  I would like to introduce a quicker way to teach binds this method is what most of us already do.  When we teach it there is a much easier way yo get it into someone.  You were probably taught to bind by swinging the yoyo up onto the string and then letting it fall into the gap.  NO.  You don't swing it.  It is much easier to bring your hand with the string under the yoyo.  I taught someone that way and in two days they could do the bind return.  

  When you do a bind you throw a sleeper then you put your finger in the middle of the string and do not pinch.  Everybody always says to pinch.  This is not correct, you don't pinch until the string is in the gap.  So back to where you just threw a sleeper.  You position your finger halfway then slide your finger down quickly.  At the same time you pull up your throw hand.  This rises the yoyo while your non-throw hand is moving down.  You swoop your hand underneath the yoyo.  See?  Now you are ready to pinch and bind.  

 That is how you are supposed to bind.  If you don't believe me go and bind while pinching the whole way.  It doesn't work nearly as well if you don't pinch.  Thank you.

Pretty much all of us know that way of binding. The real name is called a “Fake Bind”.

Ya but it is easy to teach it that way that is how i teach it too then show them the better way.