CLEARANCE SALE!! FT/FS: Gen-Yo, Clearview Station Peak, CLYW, YYF, Crucial, etc!

I am looking to buy or trade or buy and trade for a USED REBEL T2I. I will pay cash. Please contact me, as I am very intersted. Don’t offer me any other cameras other than the CANON REBEL T2I or I will completely IGNORE it.

NO HAGGLING. PRICES SET IN STONE. I wanna sell my yoyos at the price I set them. I usually don’t do this. Anyways, I really need money, I’m tryin to save up for a new camera, and I’m tryin to save up for the trip to Nationals, scince I just got a seed to it in the BLC/DXL yoyo contest. Help a brotha out. O0

NO TRADES. (unless you have a Positron, Leviathan, or a YYR.) Offer me a trade and I won’t even respond… Jus please don’t. I hate getting emails I don’t need to get.

Add $5 to all prices for shipping.

I tried my best to take pics of the worst damage on every yoyo that was not mint.

I have more feedback on another site under the same name.

No. 9 $40
MINT. Small vibe. Half black, half salmon colored. GREAT player, extreamly underrated. I’m only putting this up cause I have another No. 9. PM me for pics, I’ll text you the pics.

Battosai $80
MINT. It has one tiny anoflaw. It’s dead smooth on the string, but has an EXTREAMLY super small vibe on a finger vibe test. The vibe is probably equivalent to a plus grade General-Yo, which is pretty much nothing. It plays really fast, and has a nice feel to it. Kinda wanna trade this… PM me for pics and I will text you the pics no problem!

“Purple Haze Punchline” Awesome yoyo. I love it. It has a green/yellow acid wash with purple rims. It looks INSANE. I didn’t take this picture, but this is the yoyo. If you want my pictures PM me and I’ll text them to you no problem!

Freehand $25 $20
This thing was painted by someone named Kaitlyn way back when hahaha. Anyways, this one’s for you who gotta catch 'em all! It takes silicone, so I’m assuming it’s got a nice silicone recess on it. (I can take gut pics if ya want) I got it, and don’t know much about plastics at all. But I was shocked that it played really well. It’s unresponcive and is overall a good plastic. Smooth for a modded Duncan plastic. Near mint.
DSC01203 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr
DSC01205 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr
DSC01204 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

Group pic of the rest of everything I’m sellin:
DSC01183 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr
Goin from left to right is the order from here down:

-Great yoyo, I just need the money. It has a slight vibe, but still plays awesome. Mint.

Bassalope $75
-Plays great. Has a small vibe. Worst damage shown. Great condition, basically just that one ding.
DSC01199 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

L3 $55
-The previous owner says that this was Audley owner Lu Yee Chang’s (yeah my spelling’s prolly wrong) personal L3 he used in a contest and had it costomized for suicides. It plays really well. Yes, it has caps. Making it rare. And yes, it is a double dimond ed. making it even more rare. And yes, it has weird engravings all over it making it even more rare. anyways, it has some scuffs, but plays like a boss. Slight vibe.
DSC01196 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

Fury (Prepro) (66.5g version) $95 $90
-Only reason I’m selling this baby is cuz I need money bad. It’s in great condish, basically one flat spot on the rim and 1 small little flatish mark on the hub… Idk how it got there lol. Like right in the center too. Has a super super small vibe. Really smooth on the string though. ONLY 20 MADE LIKE THIS. (flat mark pictured)
DSC01189 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

-This thing is really good. Mint. All black. Super super super light vibe.

SOLD GM2 $99 $95 $90
-Near mint, worst damage shown. It dosn’t have any dings, just a white mark and maybe a few microscopic flat marks but that’s about it. Might sound bad, but honestly this thing is totally near mint. Plays great. I heard the run came with vibe, but I tuned it really well with teflon and a concave bearing. DEAD SMOOTH. (white mark pictured, right half of the yoyo. that’s practically all the damage.) Limited ed. Really rare.
DSC01194 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

5 Star $15
-It needs to be modded. cough ricerocket derlin hub mod cough It’s playable, but it vibes and wobbles like pretty bad. Why? Cuz I did a sideways trick, jumped over it, and missed and stomped it into the concrete making the yoyo slightly bent… I’m assuming a modder can fix it up somehow by doin a hub mod or somethin. (I took out the bearing scince I don’t play it anymore obviously. In the pic it is featured without the bearing. It will be sold without a bearing.) Beat condition.
DSC01188 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

Clearview Station Peak $280 $270 $260 $250
-I was offered like $250 a while back, but didn’t go for it cause I didn’t really need money. Now I’m in a need for cash and would let it go for $280. This is my prized posession. It is super rare, and is the only CLYW yoyo with that specific blast if ya know the past behind this insane yoyo. This yoyo has a super super small flat mark on it, but I had the hardest time even finding the dang thing to take a picture of it. It blends in well, and it’s so small. This is the smoothest Peak I’ve tried. I really like it, and it plays REALLY well. I would never sell this, but I’m in a need for cash cause I wanna buy a camera and my way to nationals. (flat mark pictured)
DSC01186 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

Delicious v1 (raw) $70 $65 $60
-Paul said there were only around 20 made raw like this. I got it directly from Paul like this. Dead smooth. Great yoyo. Mint other than normal raw yoyo marks.

Delicious v2 (dexter splash) $55 $50
-It has some scuffs, it’s not that bad. It has basically 1 bad ding, and the rest of the damage is pretty minor. Slight vibe. Plays really well. This yoyo I’m letting go a a really good price, so pick it up before it’s gone! (worst damage pictured)
DSC01198 by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

James Reed,
General-Yo :slight_smile: