FS: Tons of YYF, RecRev, Xcube, BBYY, Ondrop, and More

Hey guys,

I’m putting up a bunch of stuff for Sale. By sale I mean absolutely no trades at all. I need money only right now and have more than enough yoyos. I have a few things to note before I go through with what I have. Prices will be set but depending some are flexible.

2) Paypal ONLY
3) Offers through PM only

I will give good package deals if multiples are bought

Heres the throws: Going to go with descriptions of the throws then below will be a picture.

BBYY TiTi Twister (TT)- Grey Camo splash version, Has some tiny dings that are pretty hard to picture cause they blend so well with the ano, Some ano flaws that they all had. It plays very well and smooth, Amazing matador spikes. $50

X3 Steamroller- Its red and has a bunch of tiny flat spots and dings and a small dent on the rim. It plays very smooth and amazing for a wide yoyo. I like this thing alot and wont go to easy $75

1Drop Dietz- Its blue and only has a single flat spot. It plays smooth and everything you would want from an undersize. A really nice yoyo that deserved to get played more. $75

YYF Yuuksta- Blue acid wash and plays soo good. a few tiny dings but still a really underrated yoyo that should get more spotlight cause its amazing. Smooth and stable. $45

Second Group:

YYF ONEstar- Mint as can be and plays extremely well for a plastic. I really like this thing and its praise is deserved. Pretty smooth too. $25

RecRev Octave1- This was custom Swirl anodized by Jason Wong. Its mint and looks amazing. Plays pretty smooth with only a little vibe to the finger but pretty smooth on the string. Its a pretty uncommon throw on the BST. I like it but i dont play it really. $75

RecRev Mangaroo- Half Raw/Half Clear ano. Has a few small marks but no major dings. It plays pretty smooth as well. I like this yoyo a lot and is underrated as heck. $45

YYF Dv888- Custom Ano, brown acid splash over an acid wash. Has a few small marks under ano but the ano has no marks. It plays great though and like a dv888 should. The ano looks great in person. $45

YYF Dv888- Custom Ano, Green acid wash. tiny marks under ano but looks great. It is smooth and looks amazing when spinning. $45 or buy both dv888s for 80

YYF Skyline- Custom Ano, two tone splash, a few dings under ano but covered up well with ano. Plays very smooth and comes with white stacks. An amazing and fast player. $55

Dif Widesport- Custom ano, some dings under ano, plays smooth though. A great american made product that shows. These things can take a beating and last a while.

Heres a link to my flickr where i have other yoyos up for sale. The ones listed above are the main ones im selling but there are pictures of other throws up there

I really want the titi twister but I can only go to $45 for it so if we can make a deal to somthing