I HAVE A BEAT UP 5 STAR I WILL THROW IN FOR $19 IF YOU PURCHASE ONE YOYO OR MORE… You HAVE to buy somehting else if you want this. I bashed it on the concrete by accident when doing a horizontal jump over the string trick… And it somehow bent the bearing seat or something, and now it vibes and wobbles like crazy. You crazy modders might be able to fix it though. Pics on request. Just PM me and give me your number and I’ll text you the pics!

Torrent v2. MINT. It is a B grade but REALLY smooth. It plays super well. I just got this in a trade, and if I didn’t allready have 3 Torrents I wouldn’t be selling/trading this. I kinda want to get some money or an Avalanche or Gnarwhal outta this baby.

by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

I CAN SEND CLOSE UP PICS OF ANY YOYO YOU LIKE VIA TEXT. Just PM me asking for pics of any yoyo, and give me your number and I’ll send you pics asap.

My prices are kinda set in stone, but maybe we could work something out.

by Jamesofyoyo, on Flickr

(left to right, starting from the top all the way down.)

Sebastian Brock Bassalope: Is in good condtion aside from a few deep dings. Has a slight vibe but still plays really great. It has a small bearing. $82 $78

Hand Candy: It’s by Rebel Yoyos, it’s my friend Dylan’s signature yoyo… I’m prolly not going to let this go because it’s a great yoyo and I know I probably won’t get anywhere near I want for it. It’s kinda beat, and has a slight pulse vibe. I love it, and it’s a great sideways playing yoyo! OFFER SOLD FOR $60

Torrent 2: Sorry, I forgot to take this out of the case when I took the picture. This is my personal Torrent 2 I got from Ernie. Not for sale or trade. Please don’t offer on this, you will never in a million years get it from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Falcon v1: This yoyo is really a great player. It’s mint, and smooth on the string. It has a super super super small vibe to it… I’m a vibe freak, yet I don’t mind it at all so that says a lot. It’s overall an amazing player and the only reason I’m letting this one go is because I have another Falcon that is a Christmas Ed. and it happens to be more rare so I’m keeping a hold of that one. $74 Traded for a mint Remnant v2 and a Terripin Bearing to oyoyoy

Mini Star: This yoyo is dead smooth on the string. It is an A grade but after crashing into a mirror, it has a super small vibe. Practically no vibe. It’s about as smooth as a plus grade Gen-Yo, and if you know Gen-Yo’s like I do, plus grade Gen-Yo’s are still dead smooth and most are even smoother than other companies A grade yoyos. Underrated yoyo, and it’s in great condition. Just some minor small stuff. No actual dings. Just pinpricks and white streaks from crashing into a mirror. $54

Torrent 2 Prepro: Sorry guys, this is another yoyo I forgot to leave out when taking the pic. This is also my personal Torrent I got from Ernie. Please don’t offer on it, it’s NOT for trade or sale.

Delicious v2: This is a Crucial Delicous. It is an amazing yoyo and looks just as amazing as it plays. It has a small vibe, but makes up for it by playing so well. It is great for sideways tricks, and has a nice feel to it. It is in pretty good condition. I wouldn’t trade or sell it but I have 2. Only lookin to get rid of one of these. I’d rather sell this one because the other one I have is way more rare and the only other ones that exist were shipped to China according to Paul Yath, Crucial owner. $58 (THAT’S DIRT CHEAP)

BA Hatrick: Sorry guys, yet another yoyo I didn’t mean to leave in the picture. NOT for sale or trade.

Raw Delicious v1: This is a version 1 Delicious. It is rare, frow what Paul Yath (Crucial Owner) told me only were 20 made, and 19 of them were shipped to China. But I saw some of these on another yoyo site so either he made more, or he ended up shipping them to another yoyo site instead. Dead smooth and mint. I’d rather get rid of the other Delicous I have up cause this one is more rare, and I dig the raw look lol. $78

Markmont Next: I love this yoyo, and the nickel plating is starting to tone which is super cool imo. It is a great yoyo, and really underrated. It has a super super super small vibe, yet it is dead smooth on the string. It has some small pinpricks and I belive 1 super tiny scuff you have to search for. Great condition, and great player. $67 Traded to Alex Lee yesterday in person for an FG Marmot “Faded Team Ed.” and $20.

No. 9 This is a rare DXL beat me up and stole my lunch money Ed. No. 9. Gonna take a good trade to get off of me, as it took a good trade to get it, and for a good reason, it is awesome. Don’t really wanna sell this one. It’s mint. This yoyo is DEAD smooth and has zero vibe. OFFER

L3 This is a double dimond Ed. and has neat engravings all over it. Person I got it off of said it was really rare. It comes with clear caps. This L3 was the L3 Lu Yee Chang (Idk how to spell his name lol) used in contest. It was his personal L3 he set up specifically for him and the responced was designed for suicides according to the person I got it from. It is a fast great player. Has scuffs around the rims, and has some vibe, but still plays very well. OFFER

Figure 4 This is a RecRev yoyo, but it is has ZEKIO ANIMAL engraved on it… Got it directly in person from Alex Kim… Yes, Alex Kim, RecRev owner. It is a GREAT beautiful yoyo. It is MINT, but has a small vibe. It is smooth on the string, and I honestly love it. $54

PRE PRO FURY: This yoyo is really rare. I belive there is 20 or 15 made. Please correct me if I am wrong. But this yoyo plays great, and is 5 grams less than the production run. I love this. It is really rare, and is the PERFECT weight. I don’t know why ILYY decided to add 5g for the production run, I love it this way. It is in GREAT condition, and has a few little nicks on it but is in overall great condition. It has a super light vibe, but smooth on the string. All my friends here in SoCal love this and want to get it off me. Great rare collectors yoyo here. Looking for $124 $118

Special Ed. GM2 This yoyo has special edition engraved on the side of it. I hear it is very rare, and I heard the run came with vibe… I however tuned this and put a Koncave bearing in it and made it DEAD smooth with zero vibe. Love this yoyo. Has a tiny microscopic flat spot and 2 super tiny thin scratches. Looking for $119 $114

5 Star (preferably a beater)
Remnant 2
Positron (Will do 2 for this)
Messiah (Will do 2 for this)


Pretty much anything not on my wants list… Unless you seriously think I want it, then feel free to offer.
Vibey yoyos

Thank you for looking,
James Reed :slight_smile: