Cleaning up my collection FS/FT

Hey everyone, I have a bunch of stuff that I just don’t use anymore so I’m putting it all up here and seeing what i get.

Everything is ding free unless otherwise stated (I can’t really see scratches on the plastics)
List of whats in the pic:
5 Duncan flip sides (Mint)
1 Duncan Momentum (Bead Blasted w/o hubs)(beat)
2 Duncan FreeHand 2s
2 Duncan Metal Drifters (dark blue one is beat, light blue mint)
2 Duncan old Echos (no Dings but have been used for 3a so breaks in ano)
21 YYF Whip
2 YYF Velocities (Mint)
1 YYF Protostar (Has a smudge? Was hit with a CW and has a minor white spot)
1 YYF One (beat, please take this from me I would feel bad if I just threw it away)
21 YYF Cypher (Mint)
2 YYF Popstar (Mint)
1 YYJ Legacy 2
2 YYJ Lyn Furys
2 YYJ Classics
2 YYJ Revolutions (Has some oxidation and scratches on metal rims the green ones caps are fading)
1 YYJ a single lonely Sunset Trajectory
1 Yomega Dash
1 Yomega Crossfire
1 TMBR Irving
1 Conspicuous delrin offstring YoYo which I would appreciate if someone could identify %90 sure its a Jet Set EG (Has been used for offstring)
1 Tom Kuhn No Jive (MWB)
2 SPYY 2012 World Yo Yo contest edition Spyy Orbitron 5000s (Mint)

You can see more pics here