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I did not post this in the B/S/T because it did not meet the Posted Rules for that section. So I’m sorry, if this is the wrong place, please move it.

I’ve never done any Selling or Trading of yo-yos. I however have been laid off and out of work for a month, and looking to get rid of some laying around that I have no need of. But I just don’t know if there’s an interest to begin with, or general pricing (so would most likely have to do bidding when I put them up on eBay). The B/S/T section seems focused on more advanced yo-yos so I’m afraid these may not be worth the effort of listing to begin with.

What I have, is as follows:
Duncan Flying Squirrel: Limited Edition Glow-in-the-Dark, Slightly Used with 1 Sticker Removed
Duncan Freehand 2: Steve Brown Limited Edition (New In Package)
Duncan Freehand Zero: Steve Brown Limited Edition (New In Package)
Duncan Freehand Zero: Yellow w/ Blue Caps (New In Package)
Duncan Speed Beetles: Yellow w/ Red Caps, Slightly Used Matching Pair
Duncan Throw Monkey: Blue w/ Green Rims, Slightly Used with 1 Sticker Removed
ADDED: Yomega Raider: Blue w/ Clear Caps, Slightly Used
YoYoJam Copperhead: Green Body, Slightly Used SOLD
YoYoJam Lyn Fury: Green/Black w/ Extra Limited Edition YoYoFreakz Side Pog, Slightly Used
YoYoJam Sunset Trajectory NXG: Blue, Slightly Used Matching Pair SOLD

Some beginner yo-yos:
Duncan Avenger: Yellow, Slight Used with 1 Sticker Removed (Came with what looked like cracks around Axel, but it’s fine)
Duncan Mosquito: Blue, Slightly Used
Duncan Mosquito: Green, Slightly Used
Duncan Profly: Black w/ Green Fly Caps, Slightly Used
ADDED: Yomega Fireball: Green w/ Green Caps, Slightly Used
YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. 201: Green (Older Style), Slight Used

Some questionable things:
Duncan Counterweights: Assorted Variety and Colors
KonKave Bearing: Large YoYoJam Size
YoYoJam Xconvict: DARKstar Limited Edition (Slight Crack in the plastic received during moving cross country, does not effect play)

Somewhere I have a Duncan Mosquito: Duncan Crew Worldwide Special Edition, but it’s hiding somewhere and I can’t find it. I also have several painted YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. 201s my wife did, but since these are customized to some degree I’ll have to actually take pics of these before listed them at all. All others I’m in the process of getting pictures of to put up. I’m also uncertain but I may sell my YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. 401k: Gun-metal Grey w/ the Replacement Dial and Response kits. Haven’t decided yet. Everything listed plays almost like new, or broken in. And is currently in my possession.

A side from needing to get the pics together, I just don’t normally sell things online so this is all completely new to me. Not sure if I should sell some of these in Lots or what. The counterweights I have just laying around are from various Duncan FHs, FH2s, FHZs, FPs, FSs and Metal FHZs. I have the ones I use, and don’t have a need for these extras. I will most likely have to sell these in a lot, or throw them in with some other Yo-Yos. Unless there are specific heads or colors people are looking for. I have various other useful parts not really worth listing but could throw them in for people if need be. Like Blue Kickside side pogs, Weight Rings from Duncan FH2s, almost countless parts like Duncan Spacers, O-Rings (for Adjustable Gaps) and Cork Response pads from the Bumblebees. Most of which is useless so not worth listing. But if anyone has need of them instead of me throwing them out let me know and I’ll be happy to mail 'em to you.

Any advice on listings or prices? Since this is new to me I don’t wanna get ripped off. If there’s anything your interested in now let me know and I can send you pics. Otherwise I’m looking to post all these up on eBay maybe sometime next week once I get everything together, compiled and get any suggestions on selling strategies for them.

Thank you


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