Huge Bundle! YYC, YYF, OD, YYJ, Duncan + MORE

Hey guys, selling all of these as I don’t play them anymore. Will put up on eBay in a couple days if I don’t get any offers. Message me with offers. Would prefer to sell as a whole lot, but I am willing to split it up if the offer is good. Spyy Pro (some marks, anno wear, no dings), Genesis (1 ding), 4 DTYYs, sine//saw with some scratches from grinding a handrail, Cascade (mint), KYO DNS (beat from 5a) 2 classics, Jensen Kimmitt Northstar, White Whip (discontinued), Red Whip, Set of Duncan Pulses, Henrys Speed Cobra (metal looper with rubber rims), Cheap Dollar Store Looper, One Star, YYC Trap, Butterfly XT (modded for extra spin time and lighter play but still responsive), FHZ (mint, smooth, sili-recessed).

Paypal Only- Not Interested in Trades ATM

Hit me with those offers!