[H] Huge collection lots of yyr, duncan, and yyj [W] paypal

I’m trying to clear out my collection, you can see it here, I was a pretty big collector and had this weird thing were i would buy 4 yo-yos 2 to use and 2 to keep mint. Shipping will be calculated at end. Prices are negotiable for almost everything a few things i’m firm on but i’m mainly looking to get rid of stuff asap, so i’m open to offers… I can swap the caps on some of my FHZs and FH2s.

Ask for more detailed pics, here is the complete list:

  1. 6 silli recessed Fh2s with various caps $15 each

  2. 3 New FHZ $9 each

  3. A lot of my FHZs have been silli recessed by landon balk from C3. I have (SOLD) 2 glow in the dark team top fhzs, 2 hyper yo FHZs (w/o clear counterweight die), 2 yellow glitter FHZs modded to have C bearings, (SOLD) 2 transitional FHZs with taka caps, Steve brown FHZ, 5A edition Fhz, you can see the the complete album here.

  4. 4 mint flipsides $10 each

  5. 1 nm Duncan orbital $70

  6. 2 nm Duncan barracuda w/box $80 each

  7. 4 bassacudas 1 new/w box other 2 used 35 for new ones 30 for used BLACK SOLD

  8. 2 new w/box nickel finish Freehand AL $70 each BOTH SOLD

  9. 4 used nickel finish Freehand AL one is pretty beat $45 another has like 3 big dings $55 last 2 are nm with box $65 they all were used so they have the weird nickel oxide build up.

  10. 2 new w/box silver finish Freehand Al $60 each BOTH SOLD

  11. 4 nm Purple metal zeros $30 each

  12. 2 nm new echos $15

  13. 2 old beat echos $25 blue is triple crown edition

  14. 2 beat mayhems $40 2 nm mayhems $50

  15. 2 beat exit 8s $50 2 nm exit 8s $60

  16. 2 beat vendettas $40 2 nm vendettas $60

  17. 2 beat momentums $50 2 nm momentums $60

  18. 2 beat diversions $50 2 nm diversions $60

  19. 1 nm red barracuda $70 and 1 scuffed black barracuda $60

  20. 2 nm hugo z hor $50

  21. 4 new in box OD Rally mango $40 each

  22. 2 yyj revolutions $25

  23. 2 yyj lyn fury $10

  24. yyj classic $5 yyj go big $15

  25. 4 nm premieres $18 each

  26. 6 yyr diffusions $25 for mint pink and green $20 for 4 other used ones

  27. 2 old diffusions $10 each

  28. 2 Eyyc yyr new with box sleipners $120 each

  29. 2 yyr sixs $90 each

  30. Yomega maverick + dash $15 each

  31. 2 light up fhzs with chipped paint in them from when i painted then removed the paint, they play nice though cause they have recessed response pads $10 each i’ll throw in the lights they came with, still work.

  32. 2 modded raiders selling as a pair $25

  33. 1 string eating silver yo-yo i think it’s called the beast or something, axle and bearing are fine it eats strings though because it has a jut or something. Sanding it down or any light modification could get this in working order $15.

  34. 1 bead blasted momentum without the side spiny things. I got it a while ago from a well known finish dude on this forum, it was a bi product of him practicing bead blasting. it plays like a light momentum because thats what it is, asking $25

  35. 2 x silli recessed FHZs with removed paint and plastic damage $10 for messed up one and $15 for the other with the raptor caps.

  36. 1 silli recessed glow in the dark FHZ that plays fine but got melted in one spot, it’s a glow in the dark silli recessed FHZ i figured someone must want it. $10


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Got pics of the yoyos?

There is a pic link in the post.

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want to buy, international shipping, is there any other place I can contact u personally? in facebook or instagram, cos I’m not too used to YYE forums, just signed up recently to reply this thread, thanks :slight_smile:

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Sent you a message. Interested in a few.

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