Selling off majority of collection (16 yo-yos for $180) - some older, unique ones - take a look!

Hey everyone,

Looking to sell off most of my collection. Ideally, I’d like to sell everything to a single buyer. See below for description of each (goes from L-R, then the next row).

(1) YYF Replay
(2) YYF Fast 401k
(3) Came-Yo Mondial with Henry Viper rims
(4) Yomega Xodus II (offstring)
(5) YoYoJam Evo (offstring)
(6) YoYoJam Night Moves 4
(7) YoYoJam Dark Magic
(8) YoYoJam SpeedMaker
(9) YoYoJam SpinFaktor HG
(10) Yomega CrossFire
(11) Duncan Metal Freehand
(12) Duncan Freehand Pro
(13) Duncan Freehand 2
(14) Duncan Freehand Zero (Steve Brown edition)
(15) Duncan Freehand Zero (recessed sticker)
(16) Duncan Flying Squirrel

Note, these are all used. Some are in better shape than others. (6) and (10) have cracks in the core, but otherwise play just fine. One of the screws in the hub of (2) is stripped (hard to see in the pic). (3) and (4) have a decent number of scuffs given the rims are rubber. However, none of these issues impact playability. If you want more detailed pics or info for any of these, let me know.

Regarding price, as mentioned previously, ideally I’d like to sell everything as a bundle, and I’m asking for $180 for everything, inclusive of shipping. With that said, if you are interested in purchasing just one or a few or these, I’d be willing to discuss. Let me know.



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