If you have any questions about an item or want more detailed pictures just ask, If it doesn’t sell in 30 days i will be trying to sell them individually so feel free to make offers on an individual yoyo.
Selling off my entire collection other than 1 (not pictured) just in case i get back into it.
In order as pictured: note that no boxes will be included

R2009, No dings however the inner decal has faded.
YYJ ENEME, Mint (rarely played)
YoYoSkeel Solid, minor scratches to anno, no vibe or aluminum damage
CLYW Gnarwal, Beat but plays fine
Cocacola YoYo, Mint with original string
YYF Northstar, Mint purchased just before i lost interest
YYF Velocity, minor scratches
CLYW Boyed Vs Augie edition Bvm, Rare minor scatch and a bigger scratch plays perfect a personal favorite
YYF Protostar, Beat still plays good
Duncan mosquito, self modded mint and unresponsive
YYF Loop 720 single, Beat
ANYC edition YYF ONE, mint thin bearing included if i can find it
YYF superstar, Single major ding plays smooth
YYF Whip, Mint
YYF Dv888, lots of scratches and a few dings plays great
YYF Yuuksta, All time favourite small yoyo Beat
C3 Di Base half Blue half Red, anno scratches plays perfect
Werrd 4xl, few dings
YYF 888x, beat
accesories and case (ibanezcollector case) included

Starting bid at $350 or buy it now for $600 NO TRADES ACCEPTED
please note pictures are on the ebay link and it is my own link as is required by yye rules


how much for protostar

(system) #3