My WHOLE collection (possibly) for sale! Offer big! :)

Hey everyone, I am posting my WHOLE yo-yo collection on the B/S/T. Some i DO NOT want to sell to trade, but if you offer big enough, i might take it. Pictures are below the description of the yo-yo. Thanks a ton!

Yoyofactory Genesis - Sterling Quinn edition, near mint, smooth, BEAST, this will be VERY hard to get off me, but offer and ill consider it!

BBYY Juvinile Offender - Half red half white, near mint, smooth, very floaty yo-yo!

Yoyofactory Superstar - John Ando siries, smooth, a few scuffs and scratches, but VERY hard to see next to the bright gold splash, AWESOME throw!

Yoyofactory Grind Machine 2 - The metal first run version. a few scuffs around the rims, one ding on the side of the yo-yo (pictured) teflon taped (and tuned) axle, small vibe, a good piece of YYF history!

Yoyofactory Severe - Tyler Severance hand anodized edition, only 12 made! smooth, a couple dings, scuffs and scratches, but still hard to see against the spalsh!

Yoyofactory Northstar - White, possibly getting this replaced by YYF due to flaws, 4 small cracks, plays like a beast! Common northstar vibe

Yoyofactory Northstar - John Higby dyed, star pattern, mint as far as i can see, common Nstar vibe.

Yoyofactory Protostar - Yellow, TINY vibe, less than most protostars, 2 small cracks and a couple scuffs, awesome plastic!

Yoyofactory Protostar - Yellow, a few scuffs, TINY vibe, awesome player!

Yoyofactory Protostar - Blue, the least vibe of all my protostars, a few scuffs and scratches, nothing big. awesome yo-yo!

Yoyojam SFX - Blue, mint condition, small vibe, awesome for regens!

Yoyofactory PGM - Green and black (first run with NO arrows) small vibe, no stacks, minty!

Duncan FHZ - decked out FHZ, lightly satined, silicone recessed, highwalled, custom painted, SPR’d, tiny vibe, no more than a stock FHZ, half red half blue with sparkles.

Yoyojam Kickside - Green with custom England1414 caps (originals are under custom caps), tiny vibe, minty, silicone recessed and schmooved. awesome!

Set of Yoyojam Sunset Trajectory NXG’s - bright Neon yellow, minty, awesome for 2a! custom Cheo caps (original caps underneath cuztom ones)

[b] Looking for’s

Lucky 7
SUPERNOVA (normal or lite)
SPR kit (large bearing)
100 pack of YYN Highlites
clear stock FHZ


hey england im a huge fan ive seen all ur vids and i was wondering if u would trade ur 09 severe for a 1 of 12 death by yoyo EKG it completely mint and i f u r willing to trade can u send the caps and if u dont want to trade do u think u could still just send the caps cause i traded for a 09 severe and he didint have the caps thats