Classic Trick Remix - September - Buddha's Revenge

Back by popular demand!

This month’s trick is “Buddha’s Revenge”. Your trick must include the element of the yoyo hopping from one side to the inside to the other side.

Here’s a tut from @AndreBoulay:

Prize: I’m going to assume it’s a $100 YYE gift card, until @AndreBoulay tells me otherwise. :man_shrugging:, and he’s the man!

This time I don’t need to worry about getting mine in on time!

Follow these rules again: Classic Trick Remix Contest (May is Kamikaze) - YouTube

The deadline is September 30th at 23:59.

If we’re going to keep this going we should have a #. #classicremix maybe?


I just came up with a fun buddhas revenge idea! I hope my trick idea is possible


I did Buddhas Revenge from a 1.5 kink mount


Wow, never expected 3a! NICE!


Here’s my entry for the month. I ended up naming it Rolling Budda’s Triangle. Don’t have time to make it as clean as I would like it to be cause of grad school, but I think it’s cool. And a big thank you to @Myk_Myk for keeping this going for so long. I really appreciate you doing this. It gives me something to look forward to each month for yo-yoing, especially because I don’t know of any other yo-yoers around these parts.


Hey everyone,

I hope you see the inspiration I took from Buddha’s revenge on this one. I think I will call this one Buddha’s maze .

Let’s post our tricks boys and girls !


Yep, we have a great start, let’s keep em comin’!


The winner will be chosen randomly, we all have equal chances of winning as long as you submit a trick video. Comeon I wanna see some tricks😄


I missed last month, but I’m back yo!



Last month’s thread is not closed… :wink:

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I’ll take that as a challenge then!

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I still haven’t posted mine for August either!

Managed to think of a new trick after all these months :sweat_smile:


Really nice trick!

However, I don’t see the Buddha element?

Does it need be done in that order? My trick goes from the middle to the outside, back to a 1.5 mount with some added steps in between. It’s essentially half of the trick White Buddha followed by some other elements I’ve learned.

At the end of the day though, you’re the judge so if you say it’s no good, I guess I’ll just have to come up with a different trick. It’s the fun part anyways :grin::yo-yo:

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I’m just not as familiar with White Buddha. Looking at White Buddha, your trick definitely points to it for inspiration. The parent trick is Buddha’s Revenge, not White Buddha, but whateves. Let’s say it counts but please post another one! :grin: