#classicremix - Oct 21 - Go Back Black Hop It Again

This month is another elements month, but the trick “Black Hops” is an excellent example of what this month’s remix is all about. I want to see a trick with a simple element(s) that goes from one side to the other, especially if they involve increasing and or decreasing the number of wraps around your hands and or fingers. “Rewind” is another trick to reference.

I said “simple element”, but it could be a difficult or more complex element as well, as long as it goes from side to side. It doesn’t have to be the main focus of the trick, as long as it’s in there somewhere.


One of the halves of @AndreBoulay’s tut is down, so:

Prize: I’m going to assume it’s a $100 YYE gift card until @AndreBoulay tells me otherwise. :man_shrugging: and he’s the man!

Follow these rules again: Classic Trick Remix Contest (May is Kamikaze) - YouTube

The deadline is October 31st at 23:59. Happy Halloween! :ghost:

Please remember to use #classicremix.


A picture trick to start us off.



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I hope I haven’t picked a dud theme this month! Maybe I take it too personally, but I try to put some thought into these, and I usually incorporate my own experiences with yoyoing. I feel pressure to make these successful and well participated, especially since Andre’s ponying up a $100gf!

Anyway, here’s a bump!

Some people have said they have an easier time when these contests follow a classic trick rather than an element or concept. In this case, you can use Black Hops or Rewind or any other trick with a similar set of elements as your starting point.

C’mon, let’s post up!


Mine is still in the works. I really want to try and make it clean this month. Should be posting it in about a week :ok_hand:

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I also take what may be a ridiculous amount if time to work on my remix before submitting…but rest assured it’s in the works!

Thanks again for keeping this alive, I know I look forward to it every month!


I am also working on this months but I have a bit of a “writers block” coming up with something new .

This months element is a bit tricky.

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Me too

I have 3 month old son Block :sweat_smile::joy: it’s hard to practice when I have such a cute lil dude that always wants to hang out :blush:

But I’ll do my best to post something :sweat_smile:


Here’s mine! The simple element I chose to hop with in my remix was chopsticks. I thinking it turned out pretty well. Really pushed myself with this one. All the hops it in were really frustrating for me to get clean.


I thought the tricks with this theme would be aesthetically pleasing, and the two tricks posted so far are proving me right!


Awesome job !

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Here is mine not too fond of it but it looks okay I guess lol .


Yeah, it looks great!